Pot of Gold Halibut Tournament Rules

Pot of Gold Results
Angler City Weight Date
1 John Harris Whittier 28.60 02-12-2014
2 Javier Calvo Los Angeles 24.50 02-05-2014
3 Denis Monroe Orange 15.70 02-01-2014
4 Cliff Friend Lakewood 14.65 02-05-2014
5 Jorge Rivera Hesparia 11.90 02-05-2014
6 Javier Calvo Los Angeles 11.80 02-23-2014
7 Jeff Jarosz Covina 10.40 01-17-2014
8 Miles Steinberg Torrance 10.35 02-06-2014
9 Puria Keshmiri Los Angeles 9.80 01-19-2014
10 Dave Kiel Granada Hills 9.10 02-09-2014
11 Brian Gosch Santa Fe Springs 9.00 01-26-2014
12 Frank Vallier Long Beach 8.70 02-21-2014
13 Richard Gittings Pasadena 7.55 02-19-2014
14 Daryl Singleton Los Angeles 7.15 02-12-2014
15 Walt Carver Westminster 6.55 02-09-2014
16 In Kim Los Angeles 6.10 01-25-2014
17 Dave Kiel Granada Hills 5.50 02-15-2014
18 Jorge Rivera Hesparia 5.50 02-05-2014
19 Cezar Serbanescu Pasadena 5.30 01-15-2014
20 Dennis Leith Long Beach 5.15 02-07-2014
21 Victor Fukuhara Signal Hill 4.95 02-06-2014
22 Miles Steinberg Los Angeles 4.95 01-03-2014
23 K. Choi Los Angeles 4.80 01-04-2014
24 Dave Akamine Torrence 4.60 02-12-2014
25 David Garcia Sylmar 4.40 01-03-2014
26 Derek Massey Wawa 4.30 02-05-2014
27 Bill Haggerty Oxnard 4.10 02-18-2014
28 Dave Akamine Torrence 4.00 02-15-2014
29 Jeff Marotta Long Beach 4.00 02-23-2014
30 Chris Lei Los Angeles 3.95 02-15-2014
31 Daryl Singleton Los Angeles 3.90 01-03-2014
32 Uri Plamadiala North Hollywood 3.85 02-16-2014
33 Bill Haggerty Oxnard 3.85 02-18-2014
Pot of Gold Halibut Tournament Rules
1 The 2014 Pot-O-Gold Halibut Derby begins Thursday, January 2, 2014 and runs until Sunday, February 23, 2014. The Top 25 will "FISH-OFF" on Sunday March 2, 2014 for the Pot-O-Gold!
2 The tournament will take place aboard the vessel "Native Sun." It will run Wednesday-Sunday, departing at 9:00 AM returning by 4:00 PM. In the event that a day is missed due to weather or mechanical failure it will be made up on the following Monday or Tuesday. Any halibut caught on a make up day will count on the week that it was originally scheduled.
3 Each paid ticket is the angler's entry into the Pot of Gold Halibut Tournament. No additional contributions are required by the angler. Anglers cannot use previous passes to participate in the Pot of Gold Halibut Tournament.
4 Ticket cost is $60 Online Prepaid or $65 Regular Walk-up. From each paid angler; Eight Dollars ($8) of the fare is allocated to Daily Tournament Eligibility fees, Four Dollars ($4) of the fare is contributed to the Pot of Gold Jackpot, Two Dollars ($2) of the fare is contributed to a weekly jackpot, and Two Dollars ($2) of the fare goes towards derby administrative fees for Long Beach Sport Fishing.
5 On each trip, the angler who catches the heaviest legal halibut wins a pass for a trip aboard the Native Sun. This pass does not cover Daily Tournament Eligibility Fees ($8.00) and is valid during the tournament only.
6 Each Tournament Week (Wednesday through Sunday), the angler that catches the largest legal halibut will win the weekly jackpot, which consists of the total amount collected from daily ticket weekly winner fees.
7 The angler whose legal halibut remains the heaviest caught for the entire tournament from January 2, 2014 to February 23, 2014 will be able to choose between their share of 50% of the total tournament jackpot (POT-O-GOLD), or a fishing pass aboard the Native Sun for the remainder of 2014.
8 The anglers who catch the 25 heaviest legal halibut during the tournament will be invited to participate in a "FISH-OFF" on Sunday March 2, 2014 on the Native Sun. In the case of inclement weather an alternate date will be determined by Long Beach Sport Fishing. The angler who catches the HEAVIEST LEGAL HALIBUT in the "FISH-OFF" will be able to choose between the 50% share of the POT-O-GOLD, or a pass to fish free aboard the Native Sun for the remainder of 2014. The second heaviest legal halibut caught during the "FISH-OFF" will receive a pass good for five free trips aboard the Native Sun. Any anglers that qualify for the "FISH-OFF" but can not attend will be ineligible to win the "FISH-OFF."
9 All disputes will be settled by the Captain aboard the Native Sun. All decisions regarding disputes are final.
10 Crew members aboard the Native Sun may supervise the weighing of legal halibut caught that the anglers feel qualifies for the Jackpot. It is the angler's responsibility to make sure the legal halibut is weighed. The final & official weighing will take place at Long Beach Sport Fishing offices at the conclusion of the trip.
11 Anglers must successfully hook and land all halibut. Crew may assist angler by use of either gaff or net in landing caught halibut at the point the halibut is to come over the rail of the boat.
12 Anyone caught cheating will be immediately disqualified from the entire tournament and will not be allowed to participate in the Fish Off and will not be awarded any prizes.
13 In the event that no fish are caught on the day of the Pot of Gold "FISH OFF" the Pot of Gold Jackpot will be divided among the top 3 big fish of the tournament overall. As follows 1st largest fish receives ½ of the Pot of Gold Jackpot. 2nd largest fish receives 1/3 of the Pot of Gold Jackpot. 3rd largest fish receives 1/6 of the Pot of Gold Jackpot.
14 Participants in the Pot of Gold Halibut Tournament agree to allow Long Beach Sportfishing and Native Sun Sportfishing to use their name and picture in media and print publications including advertisements.
15 No employee, their family members, or their cohabitants, of either Long Beach Sport Fishing, or any of the vessels at Berth 55 shall be permitted to participate in the POT-OF-GOLD Tournament.
16 Absolutely no non-participants i.e. crew members, non-tournament prize passes, or other non-paying fisherman shall be permitted to fish aboard any vessel during Pot of Gold fishing trips.
17 Long Beach Sportfishing reserves the right to suspend any fishing vessel or fisherman violating any rules of the tournament. Participants aboard the vessel at the time of any infraction shall not be penalized for the actions of the vessel or violating fisherman.

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